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Christine Sheddy Murder

Psychic Sisters Suzanne Vincent and Jean Vincent were contacted by Christine Sheddy's Aunt Karen, who requested a reading for Lynn Dodenhoff, Christine Sheddy's mother in January 2008.Christine Sheddy went missing from Pocomoke City, Maryland under suspicious circumstances in November 2007. Lynn was so intrigued by the precise and accurate details that came through during her psychic medium reading that she had us give our psychic impressions to her numerous times and she put us in contact with the detectives working on Christine Sheddy case. Throughout the following twenty-seven months we have provided invaluable clues to the whereabouts of Christine's final resting place and any potential suspects. We have been working with the Worcester County Maryland Bureau of Investigation, Flatland's search and rescue and have led them to items of great importance in Christine Sheddy disappearance on the property and surrounding areas which have been sent off to Maryland crime lab. Jean and I waiting for the DNA results. Luke reach out to Lynn when he seen a program she was on in August 2008. Luke was a intermediary working with Dominic Casey and ask if we would work on a Caylee Anthony case. Christine Sheddy murdered  body was found February 2010 in Snow Hill, Maryland.
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