Psychic Vincent               Sisters
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 Psychic Sisters Suzanne and Jean Vincent
Psychic Mediums/Psychic Criminal Investigators

   Psychic Vincent Sisters have appeared in numerous newspaper articles, television news, and radio in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently a documentary is in the making that will highlight several of our cases. Two of our cases is being made into a movie for television. We are currently working on a book on how to connect with spirit. A second book is on the board to discuss my missing persons cases and other situations where we have used spirit to assist in helping those in need. We are getting back to our other passion, Ghosthunting,  and we are currently involved with making a documentary on haunted places in pittsburgh area. More information at

 Psychic Sisters Suzanne and Jean Vincent on the Discovery Channel Network "Six Degrees of Murder"."Sensing Secrets" The documentary is about our help in assisting the family and law enforcement in the disappearance of Christine Sheddy by using our psychic abilities.

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